Campfire Stories: Pt. 1 – Falls Campground

I hope this installment is the first of many campfire stories. Hubby and I are Empty Nesters now, and we plan to go on many camping trips in the future, Lord willing! My husband and I love to get away in our RV, a 29-ft trailer that's been our home away from home since 2013. … Continue reading Campfire Stories: Pt. 1 – Falls Campground


A New Student – What Fun!

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I began another journey yesterday, playing forward the gifts God has given to me regarding my photographic skills. I love to teach so when Rev. Howard De Vries asked me to teach him everything I know he opened up a huge can of worms. LOL Howard started well, taking my advice on which camera to purchase. Of course, as long as Fuji’s mirrorless X-E1 cameras are available new I steered him to the best kept secret in photography.

The new camera arrived this past week and sat unopened on Howard’s desk at church. He had taken my advice and fully charged the battery so we could get on with the camera’s programming and setup. Howard is new to all this so I came prepared with a new 8 gig high quality SD memory card loaded with the latest firmware update for the camera. In short order we brought the camera…

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Flower Power!

The Goldenrod is Kentucky's state flower, and this year has been a real show! I've never seen so many! You may be thinking, "Oh no, my allergies!" But, if you have Fall allergies, goldenrod is not the culprit. The source of your allergy is most likely the ragweed that grows alongside the goldenrod. Goldenrod can actually … Continue reading Flower Power!

Eating Wild: Food From Your Own Backyard

For this report, my husband and I traveled just a few miles from home.  We went to a free seminar recently in Mt Vernon, Kentucky, titled Eating Wild, presented by ASPI (Appalachia - Science in the Public Interest.) The approximately  twenty people in attendance learned about many common edible plants that grow in Southeast Kentucky … Continue reading Eating Wild: Food From Your Own Backyard

Clay County

19 Feb 2011.  We spent the Saturday in Clay County.  We went especially to see the Red Bird Petroglyph rock, known to locals for over 200 years.  "Petroglyphs" is just another word for rock engravings.  The story, mystery, and ensuing controversy intrigued me.  I wanted to see this rock for myself.  The symbols on this … Continue reading Clay County