Logan’s Fort

A group of dedicated historians are recreating Logan’s Fort in Lincoln County just at the edge of Stanford near Buffalo Springs Cemetery.

Borrowed from the http://www.logansfort.org website–

“Logan’s Fort set on a slight elevation about fifty yards west of the smaller spring at St. Asaph. The fort was 90 X 150 feet and was constructed of logs. Gates were located at each end and were raised and lowered by leather thongs. The main gate faced east.

Along the south side, two blockhouses were built, one on each end, with three cabins between, which were occupied by Wm. Menniffee, Wm. Whitley and the James Mason families. On the north side, only one blockhouse was built. It was on the northwest corner. There were four cabins adjoining occupied by George Clark, Benjamin Logan, Benjamin Pettit and Samuel Coburn.”

In 1775, Logan’s Fort, along with Fort Boonesborough, and Fort Harrod, were the triple threat of European settlement in the dark and unknown land that would become the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Hostile natives and harsh living conditions attracted only the bravest and hardiest of pioneers to inhabit these three communities.  The city of Stanford grew from the little community once known as Logan’s Fort.

The rebuilding of Logan’s Fort has been a long time coming.  The Logan-Whitley Chapter of DAR originally took up the torch, then passed it to a non-profit organized specifically for this project, Logan’s Fort Foundation, Inc.

Currently, there are no signs directing the curious to the building site.  I assume this is to limit traffic in the area and leave the builders to their work.  Therefore, I won’t give directions either.

As you can see in the photo, the blockhouse, front gate, and one of the cabins are complete.  Part of the side stockade walls that come off the blockhouse and the first cabin have been started as well.

Logan’s Fort Foundation, inc. is a non-profit and will gladly accept donations.  Just click on their name and you can visit their website for more information.  When you get there, look to the bottom of the page for a donations link.

I hope to come back here soon with updates, and let you know how the fort is progressing.

More photos of the progress so far:



11 thoughts on “Logan’s Fort

  1. An ancestor of mine, Mary “Polly” Pollard, was born around there in 1788, while it was still lightly populated and generally a wilderness area. It’s so fantastic that the Fort has been rebuilt, as we can now see the rugged environment early pioneers encountered.


  2. My Mother and her Mother always kept the story of Logan’s Fort, and Standing Fort alive for me. Zella B Montgomery could always turn a history lesson into a fun and exciting outing..


    • Unfortunately money is a big issue. The last time I talked to the folks who are organizing the reconstruction efforts, they told me they are trying to raise funds to continue the project. There is a link in my article about donating.


  3. Exciting news about my five-greats grandfather Benjamin Logan. Will have to check this out sometime with my son Logan, his namesake. Found out about the fort from the Turtleman episode on catching the rattlesnake !


    • Col. John Blackhead Logan turns out to be my 7th or 8th great grandfather. I always wondered why so many in the family was named Logan, Family tradition.


  4. Remarkable undertaking; so gratifying to see this historical fort brought back to life. I’m sure it will help stimulate many young minds and encourage more reading about Kentucky’s dramatic beginnings. Janice Holt Giles “HANNAH FOWLER” drew me to this link to learn more about Logan’s Fort, so I was thrilled to find this recreated fort in the making!


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