Logan’s Fort Update

This is an update to ‘Logan’s Fort’ that I posted a year ago.

I stopped by the building site yesterday.  I was disappointed to see that no further work has been done since July 2011.

I also spoke with a member of the Logan’s Fort Foundation (LFF) yesterday.  She told me the reason for the delay is simply lack of money.  There is no more money at this time to continue building.

She informed me that each of the cabins at the fort cost a whopping $60,000.  The Foundation  is anxious to continue its mission of completing the fort, and they need help.  Help in the form of DONATIONS.

The LFF is reaching out to descendants of the original residents of Logan’s Fort.  Several families have already come together with donations, but more help is needed.

You can join the Logan’s Fort Foundation for just $10. That small amount will help further the project.  If you can donate more, please do. You can buy a log for as little as $50, and your name (or whatever name you specify) will be printed on the log for posterity.  Imagine having your name on a piece of history!

I hope all my readers will heed the call and help the Logan’s Fort Foundation continue this important project.  In the 18th century, Logan’s Fort was a critical part of the trinity of outposts in the Kentucky wilderness. Fort Boonesboro has been rebuilt.  Fort Harrod has been rebuilt. Let’s help get Fort Logan rebuilt!



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