Rambling Economics

When I first started this blog in February 2011, I had great plans for it. I dreamed of traveling to each of Kentucky’s 120 counties, and discovering and extolling the myriad virtues of this beautiful state. How reality can kick you in the teeth!

Average working Americans are struggling. And we’re about as average as it gets: married (only marriage for both), one income(factory), two kids.  Since 2011, the US economy, and my own personal financial situation have hampered my quest. I simply can no longer afford to travel as I would like. After utilities, groceries, fuel, insurance, and doctors are paid there’s nothing left. Unfortunately, we are but one family of millions: the shrinking middle-class.

I just wanted y’all to know that I’m still here, living in the Bluegrass, waiting to actually experience the “stronger economy” that the President talks about. Waiting to have some month at the end of the money.

Until then.



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