Flower Power!

The Goldenrod is Kentucky’s state flower, and this year has been a real show! I’ve never seen so many! You may be thinking, “Oh no, my allergies!” But, if you have Fall allergies, goldenrod is not the culprit. The source of your allergy is most likely the ragweed that grows alongside the goldenrod. Goldenrod can actually help your allergies!

Goldenrod tea is a great way to relieve the stuffy nose and watery eyes that come with Fall allergies. The recipe is simple-  just take the top half of the plant, strip the leaves and flowers off the stalk then thoroughly chop them up, then put a couple of tablespoons of the freshly chopped goldenrod into a cup, pour in boiling water, and steep for about 20 minutes. You should drink 3 – 5 cups daily, depending on how bad your allergies are.

Goldenrod is known for its many other healing properties. it really is a golden plant! Here’s a short list of conditions that goldenrod is known to help —

  • inflammation
  • edema (swelling)
  • enlarged prostate
  • upper respiratory congestion
  • poor circulation
  • urinary infection
  • colitis
  • ulcers
  • bug bites and stings
  • gout

If you decide to give goldenrod tea a try, let us know how it worked for you.



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